Book Review: Being Agile

Don’t let the date fool you, this book has aged like good wine.

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Alternative Take on “Give Your Child a Sober Christmas”

Each December when visiting my dear home country, Finland, I remember how seriously Finns take alcohol and Christmas; alcohol is a government owned monopoly, Santa resides in Finland and everybody loves the annual Christmas Peace Declaration. I have a bone to pick with one Christmas tradition; an annual Anti-Alcohol Campaign with a tagline “Give Your Child a Sober Christmas”. The camping […]

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Scrum Dysfunction #1

I was talking with a friend of mine, a seasoned Finnish sw specialist having worked as tester, developer and Scrum Master. It was interesting discussion because I’ve lived outside Finland for almost 10 years now, and a bit lost the touch with Agile Finland. What he told me surprised me and terrified me at the […]

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Let’s Make Meetings Great Again!

Every time people meet, a structure emerges, we can’t really help it. We all know the old-stool group-work methods very well: open discussion, managed discussion, brainstorming, status reporting and presentation. However, all these are more or less dysfunctional regarding participation or distribution. “You have no choice. Every time you have a conversation or a meeting you are […]

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Deprogram Your Life

At some point, even the most stubborn of us will have to stop and think about the way we are living our lives. For some the stoppage comes due to personal development steps, but most of us feel this need via a life crisis. Irrespectively of cultural background, the age-of-reflection seems to be 42. Yes, […]

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Developers are Spelunkers

Words are funny. Some words whistle by nonchalantly and unnoticed, but some stop at your door as if saying: “Do you remember me?”. Sometimes you hear a word, understand its meaning and remember where you first heard or learned it. That initial meeting with the word has forever associated an emotional link. One simply cannot […]

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