Is software industry repeating itself?

When one is in the “craft” long enough, one sees recurring ideas, paradigms, patterns and technologies emerging. It happens on all levels of technology from CPU architectures, to data queries, to programming languages, to PCs. Sometimes a good idea pops up too soon, and it cannot be realized or marketed to a success. (Sidenote: Why this […]

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Book Review: Team Geek

Let’s make three things clear right out of the gates: Team Geek still is the best “plain level” software teams book that I’ve read Team Geek represents a simplified (almost sophomoric) view of human being and teams It’s really scary that Team Geek still is the best software team book around 🙂 THE GOOD The […]

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Design Patterns Roasted: Decorator

Many architects talk about the importance of design patterns, I’m definitely one of them. There are many kinds of patterns: UI/UX Patterns, Security Patterns, Enterprise Integration Patterns, Data Access Patterns and obviously the good old GoF Patterns, to name a few groups. However, the work with the original GoF design patterns has become almost academic. […]

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Three simple ideas for WPF Projects

Today I just want to share three simple but powerful ideas for WPF/MVVM projects: 1. Roll your own base class forview models It’s tempting to use great external dlls like Cinch or MVVM Light for doing the heavy lifting regarding MVVM. However, I’ve seen enough trouble with Cinch-based legacy projects to make this recommendation: just write […]

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