How to not be a Team Lead

TeamsĀ are in the core of modern organisation. Yet teams are the single most misunderstood and neglected component of software profession. Most teams in software companies are merely groups of people with some common denominators and not real teams learning together and reaching common goals. I have a habit of asking team related counter-questions in every […]

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Why design in so important?

After having worked both in engineering and design-driven organisations, I have no doubt in saying that design-driven organisations produce better quality, better usability and shorter update cycles. Something unspeakable – almost holy – happens in a design process when multidisciplinary teams go about it in their war rooms. I just love war rooms and well-designed […]

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Engineering wins

Just saw something extraordinary yesterday – two months late I’m afraid. SpaceX’s CRS-8 landing on a sea-pad.   This landing, I think is the best showcase for engineering ever. There are so many things – in mechanical and software side especially – that need to be just right to pull this off. I mean, just […]

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Bulletproof Tea

I’m a sucker for bio-hacking and I try whichever diet and health-regimen there is to try. Now, I’m trying Dave Asprey’s bulletproof coffee-thing for a month. The idea is to wake up body’s energy production with fat, and without eating anything else. You basically drink your bulletproof tea in the morning and then fast until […]

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