Team Formation

I’ll just have to put this out about teams, it’s old and short but so good: First, we were forming, then we began storming, afterwards we were norming, but just before started performing, the project was cancelled, and we all began mourning.

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The Truth is in Your Hands

Huffington Post run just an interesting article¬†about force fields in hands. It seems that science calls theses fields with term peripersonal space, and they regard it to be connected with brain’s neuroplastic capacity. I call these fields the etheric body, since that’s the esoteric equivalent. Same phenomena, different name. If we go back in time, […]

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A Breakthru in Consciousness Research?

For those with some experience in meditation, martial arts, yogic or esoteric practices, it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that consciousness plays a part in our physical reality. The effects of synchronicity, manifestation or fore-knowing are real to those lucky ones who have experienced them (deeply and convincingly), even if they are not discovered […]

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