I’m Timo from Germany and I’m madly in love with agile values. I want to study working life thru organisations and technology. Hence, the name for this blog, People and Bits. Content-wise this is an agile blog, but I might do a few timely pieces too.

I’ve been involved in projects touching the lives of millions of people. I’ve also helped teams to improve collaboration, productivity, quality and innovation.

Here are my titles and education:
Agile Coach | Scrum Master | Kanban Master
Software Architect
M.Sc. Computer Science
M.Eng. Health Technology
B.Sc. Automation Technology

I’m on a journey to grow as a person and as a coach. I believe nothing under the sun should be foreign to a good coach. The tools of my trade, or the palette I’ll be painting with, contains at least these sources of knowledge: science, psychology, therapy, philosophy, coaching, organisation development, project management, martial arts, military tactics and esoterics (eg. meditation, spirituality, religion). I don’t expect reader participation and I might never answer to comments.

Random twitter presence at @peopleandbits. For business contacts, eg. writing or speaking gigs, please use LinkedIn.

Hope you enjoy, Thanks


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