Finding out velocity in TFS and Excel

Velocity observation and management is an incredibly practical tool for a Scrum Master (or Project Manager). I’ll now look how one can get simple but good enough velocity measurements with TFS and Excel. TFS TFS calculates valocities for each iteration. Seeing them is very easy, you’ll click on the small graph icon in your story […]

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Top-3 Software Architecture Books

I was recently asked by my boss for arcitecture book recommendations, he wants to order some books. Great! Knowing the context, I wanted to focus the result set into .NET desktop app development books and generic architecture books. I also wanted to give out a short list, maximum three. Priorizing is an effective way of […]

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Do you know your data structures?

After having done some code reviews, I was suddenly awaken into the importance of knowledge in data structures. I think one’s knowledge of data structures can make a huge impact in design and later performance optimization of classes. So, how many collection types do you know well enough to use them? I guess most devs […]

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Mob Code-Reviews

Code-reviews, those little basterds of a meeting that everybody talks about but only a few companies actually invest in doing. There are always so many good excuses not to conduct code reviews. So many ways to do them…which is the right? I’ve experimented lately with mob code reviews. I want to bring in the whole team (as […]

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The Best New Features in Visual Studio 2017

Here are the most important new features in VS 2017: Decreased solution load time Cleaner & live-editable .csproj files Globbing, or adding “live” files to project Live unit testing Team Code Style Configuration (EditorConfig -file) Improved extension management (roaming) Improved search Git integration improvements Run to Click -debugging Cloud & Container App Development Mobile App […]

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Book Review: Work Rules!

This a short review of the book “Work Rules! Insights from inside Google that will transform how you live and lead”.   Ok, first off, this book by ex-Google HR Head Mr. Bock totally changed my view on Google, for the positive. Prior to reading it, I had a rather bleak view of Google as […]

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Speed-learning Day 18: DevOps (or READY, SET, GO)

What is it? DevOps is a strategy in bringing development, operations and testing together, in order to improve throughput. Pros Better through-put Product thinking Improved quality Fast feedback Cons Handling of unfinished work and branches Requires trust and agility, which might not be available in all organizations or conceivable under all managers Description Many “continuous” […]

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