Developers are Spelunkers

Words are funny. Some words whistle by nonchalantly and unnoticed, but some stop at your door as if saying: “Do you remember me?”. Sometimes you hear a word, understand its meaning and remember where you first heard or learned it. That initial meeting with the word has forever associated an emotional link. One simply cannot […]

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Toxic People

I believe that the community has yet to open the topic of “toxic people” sufficiently. Only a few people (among them Martin Fowler) have touched this topic, but even he only scratched the surface. We need to go deeper. Hold my hand, this might get scary… What is toxicity? I’d define toxicity (at workplace) simply to […]

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Easy Ways to Relieve Stress at Work

Since many of us suffer from work-related stress, I though I’d tell a little bit about what I’ve found helpful. Obviously some things you can do outside of work can help you build up stamina for overcoming work-related stress too. Such methods are widely publicized, including for example: taking a longer holidays mediation mindfulness breathing resolving private […]

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Lean-Agile Values Compared

Today, for my own personal growth and agile learning, I gathered values from the most known lean-agile and scaled frameworks. I’ll publish this, in case someone wants to refresh their memory on the values. “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” ― Albert Einstein For the sake of […]

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Lean Thinking in Rymdkapsel

I recently “re-found” a game from a few years back: Rymdkapsel. This swedish (rymd=space) retro-style game is quite addictive in with its ethereal soundscape and peculiarly slow-moving pace. This game is extremely well designed and creates a lot with minimal visual cues, such as with the slowly rotating star field. The aim of the game […]

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The People’s Scrum

This is a book review of  Tobias Mayer‘s (et al.) is a fascinating book People’s Scrum. I’ve heard of it many times, but only came to read it this Christmas. The the actual texts are almost 10 years old, first written as blog posts by Mr. Mayer – so a reader better conceptualise that many […]

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Agile Meteorites

A possible source of chaos in agile projects are meteorites – those small-to-huge tasks that land on agile team’s plate very unexpected out of thin air. A meteorite is a good metaphor for foreign tasks, because they often come unexpected, unwanted, with furious speed and are carried with an authority and a booming voice in the […]

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